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Learn About Our Tree & Shrub Care Program

We offer complete tree & shrub care tailored specifically to your yard or landscape. 

Our process starts with a thorough inspection by a DTL Total Turf Care Expert of your trees and shrubs to identify their healthcare needs. 

So, our Tree and Shrub Care Program and our Integrated Pest Management provide timely applications designed to give both preventive & curative maintenance to your property. 

As no two landscapes are the same, our highly-trained tree experts will develop a customized program. They will address your tree & shrub care needs whether small or large, residential or commercial.

Therefore, reach out to one of our certified professionals to schedule an appointment today. And, learn more about the difference that our Tree & Shrub Care Programs make in the local landscaping market.


We Integrate Insect & Mite Control in our Tree & Shrub Care Program


There are thousands of pests that can feed on trees and shrubs in an ornamental landscape, including:


Our tree experts know how to identify which specific insects and mites are active. Besides, they can determine the potential problems for your plants in the future. 

Consequently, this allows our specialists to build a custom program. The objective is to target the specific type of insects or mites at key times during the year. 

Hence, this may be accomplished by:

  • Spray applications
  • Trunk injections
  • Soil injections
  • Cultural recommendations for your landscape depending on your specific circumstances

Contact us to discuss the next steps to take.


 How Tree Trunk Injection Plays a Role in our Tree & Shrub Care Program


We offer tree injections for certain pests, diseases, and nutritional issues that your trees may be facing on your property. 

By utilizing specialized devices, our tree service technicians can ensure that nutrients or our all-natural solutions are safely, effectively, and quickly delivered to a tree’s vascular system. 

This method is preferred in some cases. But, it also provides an alternative treatment option if site conditions prohibit spraying.

As every circumstance is slightly different; the only way to be sure that you’re doing the best thing for your landscape is to speak with one of our experienced professionals.


Tree & Shrub Care: Plant Nutrition


We include balanced fertilizer in our Tree and Shrub Care programs with supplements to make the soil as similar as possible to the soil in the plant’s natural environment – the forest.

For example, “Mycorrhizae” is a beneficial fungus that grows naturally in the soil of a forest. But, it is rarely found in a cultivated landscape. 

The fungus naturally colonizes around plant roots, grows into the root, and out into the soil. By doing so, it forms a biological link between the root and the soil. Consequently, mycorrhizae make the plant’s roots healthier and much more efficient in absorbing water and nutrients.


Besides, it has been proven that mycorrhizae in the “rhizosphere” (the soil area directly adjacent to the plants’ roots) greatly improves:

  • The growth rate
  • The disease resistance, and survival of plants


This is particularly true for plants growing in low-quality soil like:

  • Urban/suburban environments
  • Drought conditions
  • Compacted soil


In addition to mycorrhizae, our Nutrient Management Services include micronutrients, slow-release fertilizers, and soil amending biostimulants to aid in the long-term health of your landscape.

Get in touch with one of our experienced professionals to talk about your Tree & Shrub Care Program.


Tree & Shrub Care: Pruning


Professional pruning is not just about your trees and shrubs looking good. But, ensuring that trees and shrubs are properly pruned leads to better overall health of the plant.

As proper pruning leads to a higher visual appeal, the plants will be more aesthetically pleasing and gain brighter colors. Overall, pruning helps achieve healthier appearance for your landscape.

It also is an important part of reducing disease improving vigor and correcting problems created by improper pruning. 

As improper pruning can damage the structure and health of trees and shrubs, it is important that this is addressed as soon as possible. If addressed at the right time, pruning can prevent dangerous situations or an undesired physicality to the tree or shrub.

We offer pruning of all shrubbery and ornamental trees, performed in a horticultural matter. With our experienced professionals caring for your trees and shrubs, they will come out healthier, more stable, and better-looking than ever before.

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