Seasonal Color & Annual Plantings

Seasonal Color & Annual Planting Services


The Daylilly “Stella d’ Oro” adds a splash of golden yellow to your home while the Creeping Phlox in mixed colors can be a nice accent to any focal point. A big part of having a beautiful and lasting outdoor area is not only coordinating colors but knowing the details about each specific type of plant. At DTL Total Turf our experts know the optimal time to plant, when to expect the first blooms, and even when it is time to prune them back to rest until the next year.


Seasonal color in your landscaping can add that wow factor you’ve been looking for. At DTL Total Turf our experts are trained and knowledgeable about not only the climate but the perennials that thrive in the southeastern Pennsylvania area.


Our staff will listen to your vision and respect your budget throughout the process. Our professionals will make sure you have a clear understanding of what each plant is, the needs and maintenance that might go along with it, all while bringing your dream to reality.


Perennials vs. Annuals


Flower perennials are typically non-woody plants that die to the ground in the fall and come up again in the spring. For the sake of simplicity, a number of evergreen types are often included in this definition. Perennials are defined as plants that live three years or longer. Annuals conversely, are non-woody plants that only live for one growing season and have to be replaced each and every spring.
Perennials can be planted alone in beds and borders or combined with annuals and woody plants in areas such as foundation plantings. Certain low-growing perennials make effective ground coverings.


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