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Soil testing is used to facilitate fertilizer composition and dosage to optimize your lawn and landscaping potential. When you start off with the right base you can create the most amazing outdoor living spaces, limited only by imagination. At DTL Total Turf our trained professionals are ready to bring your outdoor dreams to life and starting with a good foundation is the first step.


A soil test commonly refers to the analysis of a soil sample to determine nutrient content, composition, and other characteristics such as the acidity or pH level. A soil test can determine fertility, or the expected growth potential of the soil which indicates nutrient deficiencies, potential toxicities from excessive fertility and inhibitions from the presence of non-essential trace minerals. The test is used to mimic the function of roots to assimilate minerals.


Three Important Nutrient Categories:


• Major nutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K)
• Secondary nutrients: sulfur, calcium, magnesium
• Minor nutrients: iron, manganese, copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum, chlorine


Soil chemistry changes over time, as biological and which chemical processes break down or combine compounds over time. These processes change once the soil is removed from its natural ecosystem and environment. As a result, the chemical composition analysis accuracy can be improved if the soil is analyzed soon after its extraction and handled property from collection to testing. No need to stress over collecting a usable sample, let the professionals at DTL Total Turf take care of all your lawn and soil care needs.


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