Overseeding With Blue Tag Certified Seeds

Overseeding is Important to Regenerate Your Lawn

“Overseeding” means simply reseeding your lawn.  Whether starting a new lawn or maintaining an existing lawn, it is a crucial step in your lawn health. Hence, overseeding is best achieved in the fall when the soil and air temperatures are ideal in South-East Pennsylvania. 

Not every lawn needs overseeding. However, if your lawn is impacted by environmental stress such as disease, insects  or cultural factors such as improper mowing, human and pet traffic, overseeding will help improve thinning, spotty lawns 

We use Blue Tag certified seed mixes with hand-picked varieties, at the proper rates. We do not apply a general “sun/shade” mix to each lawn. We custom mix our seed for each lawns specific conditions. Unlike most lawn services, we offer several methods of overseeding your lawn- depending on your lawns needs.


Why Do We Use Blue Tage Certified Seeds For Overseeding? 

The Blue Tag Certification is a process that ensures the genetic purity of a turfgrass seed variety throughout the production process. 

The certifying agency tracks the seed from breeder seed to foundation fields to production fields. Certain requirements must be met at each step, including how the seed is grown, and the minimum purity and maximum inert, other crops, and weed seed contents that may be present once the seed is processed and cleaned. 

If the seed lot meets those requirements, then it is certified and receives a Blue Certification tag.


When Should You Care About Overseeding?

A cool-season is the best time to overseed – this means late summer or early fall due to three main factors crucial for growth: cooler air, warm soil, and moisture. 

If overseeding happens during the fall, the newly germinated seeds have that fall and the entire following spring to establish and strengthen in preparation for summer stress. 

 Overseeding is most successful after core aeration – Core aeration pulls plugs out of the soil, creating holes in the lawns that allow for seed to soil contact. This is best used on lawns requiring light to moderate seeding, ensuring the introduction of the latest and greatest grass varieties.


Other Techniques Used for Overseeding

We also use slit seeding or aeravation techniques.

  • Slit seeding uses high-speed metal discs to slice the ground while pushing the grass seeds into the soil when done in a criss-cross pattern, uniform seed establishment is achieved. This is best used on lawns with 50% or more bare soil, very thin or new lawns requiring heavy seeding


  • Aeravation – Aeravation uses solid tines that vibrate violently while penetrating the soil, fracturing the soil and alleviating compacted soil while creating a perfect seedbed. This is best used on hard, compact and dry soil lawns requiring moderate to heavy seeding


Leave your overseeding needs with the local experts of DTL Total Turf Care, and connect with us to learn more or receive a complimentary consultation or free estimate.

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