Lawn Fertilization Program & Weed Control For Greener Lawns

Lawn Fertilization Program & Weed Control Services To Attract Your Neighbors’ Attention


A lawn fertilization program helps to get a thick and beautiful lawn. It is one of the four key components along with water, sunlight and proper mowing that maintain a thicker lawn. It is also something that takes careful planning and the right approach

Depending on grass type, sunlight exposure, and soil conditions, your lawn will have different needs. Therefore, different needs cannot be addressed with a “one size fits all” approach. Hence, different lawn fertilization needs mean different formulations. And every lawn has its own uniqueness that the lawn fertilization program needs to take into account.


Our Lawn Fertilization Program & Weed Control 


Almost all lawn fertilization programs are based on high rates of Nitrogen, because it is the nutrient is that most cost-effective and gives the “quick results” appearance.  However, most lawn fertilization programs do not take into consideration of the plants’ health and biological environment, on the plant and in the soil it’s growing in. We accomplish this by incorporating a balanced approach, with a variety of soil amendments, biostimulants, and micronutrients, to complement the industry standard but necessary macronutrients. 

In our area, cool-season grass is most common (Turf Type Tall Fescue, Perennial Rye, Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescues). Our cool-season grass varieties, like their name, grow best in cool weather. This is best had in spring and fall. The goal is to ensure the lawn is strengthened in those cool seasons to ensure the grass can handle the summer heat/humidity and winter cold. 

This means that your lawn fertilization program needs to be adjusted to the plant’s natural life cycle and needs. Hence, a lawn analysis or assessment is necessary before starting any program. Grass grows best when the soil it’s grown in has a pH of 6.2-6.8 and needs an appropriate amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and phosphorus, as well as a small amount of micronutrients (iron, manganese, zinc, sulfur, copper) 


Benefits of Lawn Fertilization Program & Weed Control


Lawn fertilization helps:

  • Maintain the plant’s vigor and density  
  • Enhance green color
  • Stimulate plant growth 
  • Improve recovery from damage and stress
  • Enhances rooting cycle 


DTL Total Turf Care’s annual fertilization program consists of four to six individual applications of fertilizer with key bio stimulants. Based on your goals, your annual DTL fertilizer program will take care of the specifics to maximize your lawn’s health. 

These specifics may encompass:

  • Poor soil 
  • Unsightly, undesirable weeds
  • Shaded areas or areas extensively exposed to the sun
  • Thin or bare areas due to human/pet traffic
  • Improper grass varieties planted

A fertilization program done right is a commitment going through a calendar year and depends on soil conditions. Get in touch now


Our Program 


2 Spring Applications

  • Spring Round 1Spring fertilizer w/ crabgrass pre-emergent for green-up of lawn and recovery from winter
  • Spring Round 2 – Spring fertilizer w/ crabgrass pre-emergent/post-emergent weed control


2 Summer Applications

  • Grub/insect control – 3-month grub and surface insect control (fleas & ticks) with fertilizer 
  • Summer – Slow release fertilizer with biostimulants for green-up & improved drought stress


2 Fall Applications

  • Fall Application – Helps with summer stress recovery & strengthens turf for winter
  • Winterizer Application – One last round of feeding to give turf nutrients to store for upcoming Spring-Makes for excellent Spring green-up



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