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Tired of Lawn Care Services that do not produce results? Tired of spending thousands of dollars on inefficient lawn care services that produce mediocre results? Because we understand green-turf lovers, their needs, and their concerns. DTL Total Turf Care provides tailored lawn nutrition and care programs that respect your lawn specificities. No lawn is the same, and Southeast Pennsylvania’s soil has a specific composition that should not be disregarded.

Therefore, when big-box lawn care companies treat all lawns the same way across the country, they deliberately ignore the cause of lawn issues and specificities for financial reasons. 

Hence, lawns get sprayed the same way across the Chester or Montgomery County, PA with the same fertilizer mix. As time is money, the quicker the application, the better. Most of the time, this is invisible to clients because people trust national brands believing in quality standards that do not exist most of the time. In those circumstances, homeowners can expect mediocre results and above-average frustrations.

Because we love green lawns and value our clients, we customize lawn care services to ensure that the specifics of your lawn are covered. Ultimately, we duly integrate your lawn’s uniqueness into our processes and protocols to focus on the root cause of your lawn issues and remediate with the appropriate approach. As your lawn biology matters, we adjust to your lawn’s natural conditions.

Our lawn care services can be applied to your residential home or to a larger office or business. No matter the location, your landscape can benefit from the specialty lawn care services that we provide.

We make your lawn lush, green, and healthy by offering a wide array of affordable specialty lawn care services, including:

Specifically, these specialty lawn services aim to increase the overall, long-term healthcare and well-being of your lawn by addressing your soil’s natural biology. Inversely to some treatments, all of the procedures carried out by DTL Total Turf Care have your best interests in mind. 

You’ll get that green, lush look in your lawn, but it won’t simply be a facade; your landscape will be healthy and vibrant all the way down to the roots thanks to our specialty lawn care services.


Specialty lawn care services provided by DTL Total Turf Care are essential to maintain a healthy lawn in the long-term. While you can request to get specific treatments or tasks completed for your lawn, we recommend sele services to get the most out of your specialty lawn services.

The specialty lawn services recommended will ultimately differ depending on factors such as:

  • The soil biology
  • Environmental threats to the healthcare of your lawn
  • The type of vegetation found in your lawn or landscape
  • Desired results

Of course, our goal at DTL Total Turf Care is to make you happy with your lawn. However, a professional opinion is vital to making sure you get the specialty lawn services you need.

Hence, scheduling a consultation with one of our specialty lawn services certified technicians will allow you to make sure you don’t get any unnecessary treatments or services to achieve your desired results.

In general, all of these specialty lawn care services do well to elevate the level of healthcare of any lawn or landscape. Services such as lawn dethatching, aeration, fertilization, and weed control allow for new, fresh grass to grow and for existing, healthy grass to expand.

On the other hand, specialty lawn care services such as insect control measures, soil analysis, and overseeding can help prevent future problems for your lawn. By addressing these potential issues early and intermittently, you are making the best bet that your lawn will remain healthy for years to come.

Don’t miss out; with specialty lawn services from DTL Total Turf Care, your lawn can go from drab and dull to vibrant, green, and healthy. We can’t wait to get started! Give our professionals a call NOW.

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Dan, the owner, is beyond knowledgeable, and honest, not to mention that he is extremely thorough too. Changes are visible over time. Leave your yard to Dan and his team, and they will get you that beautiful thick uniform lawn that you can only find on the best golf courses. Promises meet results. I highly recommend DTL Total Turf Care.

Olivier N - West Chester, PA

Our lawn has never looked this nice, DTL gives our lawn such a refreshing experience. Everything that was explained would happen with our lawn Was 100% accurate. They are very knowledgeable & trustworthy. We are happy we hired DTL & will continue to use them

Kate Bean - Downingtown, PA

Our grass has never looked better. They take care of it as if it were their own lawn. The personal touch Dan gives us is hard to find these days!!!!

Cindy B - Glenmoore, PA

Finally a trustworthy and dependable landscaper whose communication and knowledge is second to none!!!

Diane - Malvern, PA

I could never maintain my lawn and yard to look this good!

Dean L - Downingtown, PA

Dan, the owner, is VERY responsive to customers and does a hell of a job making sure you feel like your lawn is a priority. We're dealing with a new construction situation where it's very difficult to get the lawn going and he's been helpful throughout the process. Highly recommend.

Derek Davis - West Chester, PA



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