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My name is Dan Lyster, owner-operator of DTL Total Turf Care. Born and raised in Chester County, PA my love for lawn care began at Uhler’s, my family’s garden center out of Frazer, PA.

Growing up, my passion for all things growing and green continued to flourish, all while spending time learning and helping my father, aunt, and grandfather at the garden center, on jobs and at our house in the yard. These very early experiences, as well as my family’s honest and personal approach to business, has only deepened my knowledge and dedication to my work.

After years of gathering experience, I left my family’s business and started DTL Total Turf Care, an independent, truly locally-owned and locally-operated business based in Downingtown, PA that will never lose those core values of honesty and personal touch to lawn care.

We proudly serve Downingtown, West Chester, Exton, PA, and the greater surrounding area, where we strive to continuously improve all aspects of the business while helping our clients to access their dreams to get a thick and greener turf in their front and backyards. To achieve that, the team at DTL Total Turf Care is always researching and learning new and improved methods and products to address our customers’ needs and provide superior lawn care service.


How do we make a difference in the lawn care industry? 


The best way to determine that is to ask your current lawn care company or the one prospecting your neighborhood. There are a few basic questions you can ask:

  • How does your lawn care program address the health of my soil?
  • What is your approach to fertilization and weed control? 
  • Do you apply the same product to each lawn every day? 
  • Why do I have yellowish/brown patches on my lawn?
  • How many treatments will a technician apply to my lawn and how often? 
  • What is being applied? Why is it applied?
  • Are you treating the whole lawn the same way for everything?
  • Will I see the same technicians all season?

If the technician cannot respond to these simple questions and give you some valuable insights, then it’s time to give us a call. 


If you want a beautiful, golf course-looking lawn, it starts with a biologically active soil based on organic lawn care balanced with bio-nutrition

Our goal is to get a deep, rich and dense root system, enhanced by natural microbes that create a fully functional soil, therefore, unlocking the nutrients in the soil. 

Our organic lawn care, biostimulant treatments, and mechanical lawn operations – with thatching & aeration – improve the quality of the soil over time. Here is what our approach means to the soil and root system:

  • Better soil structure improves microbial activity and contains more organic matter
  • High levels of organic matter allow for proper water and nutrient absorption and  retention
  • Proper nutrient/water balance is key for turf plant health
  • Proper soil pH is key to all nutrients being utilized by the plant

The outcomes of our approach:

  • With nutrients and a better soil structure, your lawn root system thrives. With a denser root system, pests and diseases have a harder time to get established. Hence, you need fewer fungicides and pesticides
  • The effort to water your lawn becomes less stressful and intense. You need less water overall as the soil structure is more permeable self-sufficient. This is especially true in our area of Pennsylvania where the soil is mainly clay.

This is how we produce a healthy and thick lawn that is naturally resistant to weeds, diseases, and stress.


How is that different from what big franchises offer?

Most Lawn care services use chemical, quick release, high nitrogen fertilizer to provide the appearance of quick results, not lasting longer than one or two weeks.  This is easiest for them and most profitable. Without the proper soil pH or biology, much of what they apply remains locked up in the soil, not being utilized by the lawn and can even run off into our streams and lakes

This is why a well-balanced lawn care program from DTL Total Turf Care focuses on promoting proper pH and bacterial life in the soil so that the soil offers an optimized environment to the lawn, preserving the symbiotic connection between nutrients and bacteria that is essential to provide strength to the plant. The microbial life in your soil will improve your lawn’s appearance and health.


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