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Most lawn issues come from unhealthy soil. Most homeowners do not consider soil composition and biology as a potential threat to the health of their grass.

They pick a standard lawn care service that fails to address the specific issues that negatively impact the health of their grass.

Most successful lawn professionals know that the health of a lawn comes down to its soil.

But, not every lawn care service focuses on the soil, choosing instead to use a quicker and temporary path that gives the impression of fast results, which do not last.

It treats the symptoms but not the root cause of a problem.

Every year in Chester County, PA homeowners spend thousands of dollars for a lawn service that will involve gallons of pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers sprayed on poorly or non-aerated lawns to try to strengthen the plant aesthetics.

This approach is unfortunately widely spread in the market and is guaranteed to lead to disappointing and mediocre results. 

DTL Total Turf Care customizes your lawn care service to address the uniqueness of your lawn, concentrating on the root causes of any problems and focusing on improving the health of your soil.

That’s why DTL Total Turf Care gets remarkable results with our lawn care service while others do not. We apply the essential elements that your grass needs without applying unnecessary products.

Understanding your lawn’s natural biology is essential to adjust treatments and adapt to your lawn’s natural conditions.

Although our strategy does not rely on products alone, we do not apply the same treatments to all our clients throughout the season.

Our approach is based on needs – we adjust treatments based on continuous assessments and results. 

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Greener, healthier and thicker lawns are possible without an abundance of pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. Your lawn care services must be adapted and adjusted to the engine of your lawn growth – your soil – by bringing the right lawn nutrition and reinforcement programs.

Our goal is to offer sustainable growth and strength to our clients’ lawns based on a scientific and soil-centric approach to lawn nutrition & reinforcement programs. 


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Dan, the owner, is beyond knowledgeable, and honest, not to mention that he is extremely thorough too. Changes are visible over time. Leave your yard to Dan and his team, and they will get you that beautiful thick uniform lawn that you can only find on the best golf courses. Promises meet results. I highly recommend DTL Total Turf Care.

Olivier N - West Chester, PA

Our lawn has never looked this nice, DTL gives our lawn such a refreshing experience. Everything that was explained would happen with our lawn Was 100% accurate. They are very knowledgeable & trustworthy. We are happy we hired DTL & will continue to use them

Kate Bean - Downingtown, PA

Our grass has never looked better. They take care of it as if it were their own lawn. The personal touch Dan gives us is hard to find these days!!!!

Cindy B - Glenmoore, PA

Finally a trustworthy and dependable landscaper whose communication and knowledge is second to none!!!

Diane - Malvern, PA

I could never maintain my lawn and yard to look this good!

Dean L - Downingtown, PA

Dan, the owner, is VERY responsive to customers and does a hell of a job making sure you feel like your lawn is a priority. We're dealing with a new construction situation where it's very difficult to get the lawn going and he's been helpful throughout the process. Highly recommend.

Derek Davis - West Chester, PA

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